Custom Picture Framing


Needlework example 1
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Needlework is one of our specialties.

The most important considerations before framing are to ensure that the item is clean and finished to your satisfaction.

We preserve the fabric by stretching it over acid free mat board and then separate it from the glass, either by using a mat or by using spacers between the work and the glass. To complete the protection use conservation glass which has nearly a 100% UV protection rating.

Sports Jerseys

Soccer Jersey
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Preserve your sports jerseys with custom framing. Signed jerseys can appreciate rapidly in value, and proper custom framing is necessary to maintain their value. You can also embellish the jersey with items such as hockey pucks or photos of the player who wore the jersey.

Object Framing

War Medals
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Object framing refers to items such as war medals or other memorabilia that you would like to showcase.

Usually the objects have personal value and are a great way to commemorate the memory of loved ones or special events.

Corporate Framing

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If your business needs a large number of framed items whether they be professional certificates or decorative pieces for your offices please contact us for an estimate.

Discounts usually apply for multiple items.

Certificate Framing

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Smartly framed diplomas or certificates, whether simple or ornate, will only enhance your professional status in the minds of your customers.

University diplomas, professional certificates and certificates of accomplishment can all benefit from the little extra money that custom framing will cost.