Art Shows

Solitude by Steven Lamb

Stepping Stones by Min Ma

Snow Has Fallen by Katerina Mertikas

Flower Heart Song by Shannon Ravenhall

East Coast Magic by Pieter Molenaar

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Open House Friday December 9: 5pm - 8pm

Dear friends and art lovers, This year we are departing from an art show format to an open house event featuring work by two exciting eastern Canadian painters Steven Lamb and Katerina Mertikas and new work by our gallery artists. Steven and Katerina's paintings create worlds that are full of charm, humor, and insight. The open house is on Friday December 9th from 5pm to 8pm. Refreshments will be served and there will be a free draw to enter. Drop in any time to see the exciting new work and chat with Hong.

Some of the new work:
Solitude. Steven Lamb paints city scenes from La Belle Province that are full of romance and whimsy. More of Steven's work.

Stepping Stones is another example of Min's masterful style. More of Min's work.

Snow Has Fallen. Ottawa-based Katerina Mertikas describes her delightful, vivid paintings of children as naïve expressionism. They are painted spontaneously from remembered scenes from her daughter's and now her granddaughter's lives. More of Katerina's work.

Flower Heart Song. Created from one of Shannon's favorite materials, Spanish Alabaster, Flower Heart Song comes with accompanying pedestal. More of Shannon's work.

East Coast is a serene addition to Pieter's impressive body of seascapes and landscapes. More of Pieter's work.

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