Art Shows

Small Works Art Show Opening Sunday Nov 19th 1pm - 4pm

Dear friends and art lovers, We are excited to hold a special show of small works featuring gallery artists Min Ma, Katerina Mertikas, Bonny Roberts, Donna Zhang, Shirley Thomas, Kirsten Sheffield, Mac Grieve(new artist) and Hong Zhu.

Although the theme is on Small Works, the artists breadth of vision and inspiration are condensed and vividly expressed in each piece.

The Small Works ArtShow is on Sunday, November 19th from 1pm to 4pm. Refreshments will be served and there will be a free draw to enter. Drop in any time to see the exciting new work and chat with Hong and other local artists.

Show runs until December 10th.

Here is the new work of the different artists that appeared at the show.

Min Ma New Work

Prairie Afternoon by Min Ma Fishing Village by Min Ma Harbour at Lunenberg, Nova 

Scotia by Min Ma Summer Day by Min Ma (sold) Valley View by Min Ma    More of Min's work

Katerina Mertikas New Work

Dance Around the 

Snowman by Katerina Mertikas Deep in the Woods by 

Katerina Mertikas Lessons Paid Off by Katerina 

Mertikas Watch Me Twirl by Katerina 

Mertikas Winter Hockey by 
Katerina Mertikas After School Hockey Game by Katerina Mertikas Backyard Fun by Katerina 

Mertikas Off to the Pond by Katerina Mertikas    More of Katerina's work

Bonny Roberts New Work

Coastal Jewels by Bonny Roberts December River by Bonny Roberts Just Having Fun by Bonny Roberts Kootenay Autumn by Bonny Roberts Near Castlegar by Bonny Roberts Near Keremeos Creek by Bonny Roberts Qualicum Falls by Bonny Roberts Wildflowers Above Keremeos by Bonny Roberts   More of Bonny's work

Donna Zhang New Work

Tomboy by Donna Zhang Catching the Light by Donna Zhang Blueberry Still Life by Donna Zhang    More of Donna's work

Shirley Thomas New Work

Colorful Hillside by Shirley Thomas Comfortable Cottage by Shirley Thomas Cosmic Houses by Shirley Thomas Miners's Cottages by Shirley Thomas New Brightness by Shirley Thomas Special Cabin by Shirley Thomas    More of Shirley's work

Mac Grieve New Work

Colors of Fall by Mac Grieve Fall Farm by Mac Grieve Finn Float by Mac Grieve High Hay by Mac Grieve Mossy Knoll by Mac Grieve Old Cow Fence by Mac Grieve Puddles and Ruts by Mac Grieve Season's Colors by Mac Grieve Sheep in the Meadow by Mac Grieve Still Waters by Mac Grieve Sumac Pattern by Mac Grieve

Kirsten Sheffield New Work

After Summer Showers, Rhododendron by Kirsten Sheffield    More of Kirsten's work

Richard McDiarmid New Work

All That Jazz by Richard McDiarmid Late Day, Cornwall by Richard McDiarmid Music and Man's Best Friend by Richard McDiarmid Patio Retreat by Richard McDiarmid Rockin' Solo by Richard McDiarmid

Hong Zhu New Work

Celebration by Hong Zhu Midsummer Dream I by Hong Zhu Midsummer Dream II by Hong Zhu Season's Glory by Hong Zhu    More of Hong's work

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